About Us


The company traces its roots to the old State Transport Corporation that itself was founded in 1909 and was known back then as Government Transport Department. Its founding mandate was primarily to provide a range of transport services to the Colonial Administration.  It also specialised in the provision of courier services (delivery of mail, unaccompanied parcels, etc). 

Although for years Central Government remained its principal client, the GTD also provided transport services to trading and mining companies.

By a decree that came into effect on 6th January 1968, the ruling National Liberation Council nationalized the operations of foreign companies who hitherto controlled the petroleum distribution trade. This followed a threat by these companies to withhold essential petroleum supplies as a means of securing an increase in freight charges. This decree (No. 215) provided the basis for the establishment of the bulk haulage division which was combined with the existing Passenger Transport Division to form the State Transport Corporation (STC) – later to be renamed State Transport Company Limited in June 1995.

STC was divested by the government in Year 2000 as part of which it was split into two separate legal entities.  One half became known as VCL Bulk Haulage Ltd and the other Vanef STC.

VCL Bulk Haulage was incorporated in December 2001 to carry out the business of:

-  Wet and dry cargo road transportation

-  Warehousing and storage services

The company’s portfolio was later expanded to cover other services, namely:

-  Storage of oil and gas products

-  Bulk road vehicle inspection

-  Valuation of vehicles and

-  Driver proficiency assessment and training.

These services today constitute the backbone of TLL’s operations.

In February 2012, SSNIT, which was and still remains the company’s sole Shareholder changed the name from VCL Bulk Haulage To Trust Logistics Ltd (TLL).

Throughout its existence, the company (trading variously as STC, VCL and now TLL) has been in occupation of a large tract of land (measuring circa 18.5 acres) that is situated on the Steel Works Road, near TOR.

TLL is the sole Hauliers of petroleum products for the Security Agencies, namely Navy and Police (along with the Army until they acquired their own fleet), Metro Mass Transit, SSNIT and a few other oil marketing companies.

The company has been recapitalised by SSNIT as part of a major expansion and diversification drive that will see it become an even bigger player in the mid to downstream oil and gas economy. The fleet capacity has been boosted with new and modern trucks, tankers and trailers.  A brand new, state of the art Brake Testing Lane & Garage was commissioned in December 2014.  The facility is fitted with ultra modern equipment to meet National Petroleum Authority,  DVLA and global best practice standards.

Plans are well advanced to build a $multi-million international bulk storage terminal for oil and gas products at TLL’s 18.53 acre site situated in the Heavy Industrial Area of Tema. The flagship project has attracted global interest with a number of reputable big name companies bidding to join TLL as strategic partners:  nearer home, a range of firms are being targeted either as off takers or trading partners.  They include: Ports & Harbours Authority and the Tema Oil Refinery. Bulk Distribution and Oil Marketing Companies such as GOIL, one of TLL’s largest corporate customers.