Power Train System

Checks on engine, engine seats, gear box, gear box seats, propeller shaft, cross bearings, differential, rear axle and road wheels (power train).

Air System

Checking of all pneumatic valves, air leakages, air brake, valve leakage, joint air hoses, hand brake, trailer hand brake, and brake adjustment.

Cabin and Frame Work

Checks cabin, cabin accessories, cabin auxiliary, vehicle frame work and stability, stabilizer bar positioning, mud guard fixed, spare tyre compartment fixed, turn joint effective and effective cabin jack device.

Steering & Suspension System

Checking of Front axle, front suspensions, steering linkage, tyre rod end, kin pin, front hub bearing, c.v joints and mechanical coupling joints.


Checks on all electrical units, starter, alternator, electric motors, wipers, head lights, tail lights, electrical joints, conductors and other electrical connection joints.

Bulk Inspection Stability

Checks for bulk stability on main frame, bulk cover seals, bulk discharging pipes, valves leakages, pipe construction, discharging valve position and location on bulk, bulk seating pads.

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